February 06, 2002
Wednesday Morning News

Multiplaycity EL Case Badge Review @ Virtual-Hideout.net
Shed a little light on the your Case badge.
"We're always looking at ways to personalize our modded case(s) and one of the very popular ways is having a case badge. You will find badges/stickers from CPU manufacturers like the AMD and Intel badges ... You've got neons, cold cathodes, LEDs, EL cables, etc Why not an EL Badge?"

Enermax FS-710BB Server Case Review @ Mikhailtech
"... a good case has many expectations that must be met. Performance, functionality, durability, quality, appearance, expandability, and features are just part of the never-ending list ... For those familiar with Antec, the Enermax is a black and blue hybrid version of the popular SX1030..."

Speeze Socket Cooler Round Up @ GideonTech
They test and compare the AMD approved BigRock, SuperRock and the copper GoldenRock by Sqeeze. All hail the $10 HSF. For anyone looking for a new HSF check out this review!

Lian Li Faceplate Mods @ VoidYourWarranty
"Plenty of people paint their bezels silver to match, and this looks ok. There is no way to match the brushed finish of a Lian Li with paint though, so the truly obsessed modder is most likely going to start thinking about alternatives. I want to present you with my work: custom made faceplates from Lian Li bay covers for the drives and accessories. "

Silverprop Cyclone2 / SilverStorm2 Review @ Mikhailtech
Looks like it was a busy weekend for these guys. This one is for you water cooling freaks! Water block and radiator reviewed.

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