February 09, 2002
Weekend Hardware News Around The Web

Epox EP 8KLM2 MoBo Review @ PC PowerZone
Has EPoX done it again? or, is this a board to stay away from... Read for yourself!

Lian-Li PC-50 aluminum case. @ pheaton.com
"Lian-Li have released several new cases over last few weeks and with these new designs hitting the market. we at pheaton.com took a look at some of these new offerings, starting with the PC-50. An ATX aluminum enclosure with some new and interesting features. take a look this latest offering that the Lian-Li company calls an "economical case"."

ABIT Siluro GeForce3 Ti500 @ [H]ard|OCP
"ABIT has surely been a favorite of ours around here over the last few years and recently they too have gotten in to the video card business following the leads of companies like Asus and MSI. They did put together the most OCable GeForce3 card that we came into contact with here on our test benches. How will they fare this time as their Ti500 card just now makes it to market? Let's beat the hell out of it and find out."

ATI All-In-Wonder 8500DV Reviewed @ The Tech Zone
"So you like the All-In-Wonder 7500 but you want more performance and you’re willing to pay the price? Then ATI has the answer for you. The All-In-Wonder 8500DV is like the All-in-Wonder 7500 but it has more. More power, more features, more inputs and 100% support for DirectX 8.1."

Sibak Tech coolers reviewed @ PC PowerZone
These things look bad ass, but or looks enough? "3 new coolers from Sibak Tech, all featuring chrome-drilled fan shrouds and excellent build quality."

Thermaltake Fan Mod @ EXTREME Overclocking
"...about if it was possible to wire up a switch to the fan sensor to go between the sensor control and full speed. In theory it sounded possible, so I decided to try it out on my Volcano 7 fan to see if I could wire in a switch."

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